Sunshine for Humanity, Inc. Homeless Shelter
Eagle  River

Vilas County's only homeless shelter
87 people came into Sunshine in crisis last year.  Many times the other shelters in our neighboring towns are full and people have to be turned away. Since January of this year (2017) we have had  72 homeless seeking a place to lay their head.  This number includes families with children and Veterans.

We are able to house up to 4 people because of our septic system. Our facility is small. Our long term goal is to either remodel the building we are in, which will include putting a new septic system or find another location in which we can house more people who need our help.

Our philosopy is to give a "hand up, not handouts."

Our goal is to get those in crisis a warm, safe place while they are rebuilding their lives.
We offer a warm place to lay their head, a shower and food.
We open our hand and hearts to those in need.

Sunshine House; Homeless Shelter is fully functioning. We have passed the state inspection and approved by the Lincoln Town Board. We are the only shelter in Vilas County.  We are so grateful for all of our community support. Without the support of businesses, churches, and individuals we would not have completed this mission.  Due to the septic system we can only hold up to 4 people at a time.  Our policy is whatever gender comes in dictators who else may stay; at this point we are not big enough to house both genders at the same time, unless it is a mom with children.  We are also very grateful for the food Camp Honey Rock donates to us; this is truly a blessing and is feeding people in need.  Sunshine House; Homeless Shelter is operated by Sunshine For Humanity, Inc.
located at 1191 Hwy 45 S, Eagle River

We have had over 72  people come to us this year in crisis. This summer we had a couple of moms come in with 3 children each and the struggle in finding them a safe warm place was difficult. This summer the other shelters were full and had waiting lists. I pray that when you read about the homeless in our communities that you donít have a preconceived notion on how they become homeless as the reasons vary and are very seldom the same. 

There is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs; testing is done randomly and Individuals with a conviction for a sexual crime will not be admitted.

Phase 2
: Sunshine Homeless Shelter
Our long term goal is to either remodel the building we are in or purchase a building to house more people and both genders, including children. To remodel we will need to update the septic system, add bedrooms and put in a common area.  Remodeling or purchasing a building will cost a substantial amount and we need all the financial help we can get. We are Not state or federally funded and 100% of all donations stay to run Sunshine House; Homeless Shelter. We have purchased the land and are paying monthly payments. We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Sunshine has established supportive relationships with social service agencies, a regional continuum of care, faith communities, educational institutions, health care facilities, law enforcement, educational institutions and human service organizations.

Sunshine House
opened in September 2017