Since the beginning, Sunshine For Humanity, Inc. has been involved in helping our communities with many projects, we have helped collect Personal Hygiene Products with The Family within Wisconsin, Toys for Tots, Warm the Children by donating good, used coats, donating time to the YMCA in Eagle River and Rhinelander to encourage good healthy habits.

Wisconsin Advocate Care Mission:

While listening to the needs of our neighbors we try to find the resources to help our neighbors with their current problems.  We have many resources to help with all areas of need.  For example, depending on each individual's need we have helped to reduced medical expenses, which includes dental. We have also provided transportation for individuals who need a ride, help find resources for reduced or free prescriptions, and help to bring meals to neighbors with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, and any other lists of concerns, illnesses and needs. 

We are advocates for our neighbor's appointments, from doctors, dentist, psychologist, to government agencies.  We assist in filling in forms, which include Social Security Benefits; we attend appointments to help the process of healing and understanding of what the professionals are guiding them through.  Many who have the above illnesses are just too unsure of exactly what to do and how.  Some can't even get out of their houses.  Some need reminders of appointments, and prescription requirements to help in their healing.  Basically we "have our neighbor's back" as we listen to what their needs are. With prayer and Gods direction we have been able to get our neighbors back to a good functioning state of living. We know that life can really give us some hard blows, but together first with prayer then following God's directions with love, patience, understanding and without criticizing of choices, (because we are fall short). Those of us who are involved in the Advocate Care Mission have been there. We UNDERSTAND…and Jesus said, “But for God everything is possible.
Matthew 19:26

By using pallets that we picked up all summer we were able to make this three step front for a gentleman who needed help because of his medical condition, we also got a super deal on other pallets and made him a deck and sidewalk. 
Neighbor Helping Neighbor Mission:

We are able to help our neighbors with items they need only with the donation from other neighbors.  We are accepting in good or better condition, household items.  We believe we are "paying it forward" as we give these items to others who are in need.  All items are

For example, at any given time we may have sofas, tables, beds, and many more items.

Please Contact us 715*477*2220 for your donations,
if you have a need or know of someone.

The lists change daily
We were able to get paint donated, we painted the front door, windows frames and touched up other areas.
One example how we helped a neighbor.