Father Chi's Orphanage
Allow me to introduce Father Chi Hoang. Father Chi as we call him has not been a Priest in the Catholic church for long. I first met him the summer in which he was getting ordained, 2006.

Father Chi has been instrumental in helping in our first mission, Bon Lam.
After the death of Bon's father, Father Chi took Bon to the Monks in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), where the Monks were responsible in getting Bon's first surgery, in 1999. The surgeons removed Bon's mass that he was born with. Bon was in the hospital for a month with the Monks taking care of him.

When he was discharged he was placed in Sister Paula's Orphanage, Lai Thieu, Binh Duong Provice. Bon lived from 1999 until 2006 at the orphanage. When I met Father Chi he instantly took charge of the operation in getting Bon to the States. Between Sister Paula and Father Chi much paperwork had to be done. To read more about Bon, go to his page.

Father Chi is now in Xa Loc Tan-Loc Ninh, Bihn Phuoc Province, has his own church and has started an orphanage. His children range from age 10 to 17, boys and girls. Father Chi prays for enough food to keep his orphans fed. Some of these children are sent because they have nothing at home and know Father Chi will care for them.

Father Chi, and myself in his church/orpanage