Abundant Life Church, Eagle River, WI
America's Best Tree Service, Eagle River WI
Awanna Plumbing, Rhinelander WI
Aylesworth Dermatology, SC Rhinelander WI
      Dr. Robert Aylesworth
Business Connection, St. Germain, WI
Calvary Ev. Lutheran Church, Woodruff, WI
Camp Honey Rock, Three Lakes WI
Camp Ojibwa, Eagle River WI
Car Quest, Eagle River, WI
Catholic Church, Vietnam
      Father Chi Hoang, Vietnam
      Sister Huu, Vietnam
      Sister Paula, Vietnam
Comfort Inn, LaCrosse WI
Community UCC Guild, St. Germain WI
Cross Country Bar, Rhinelander, WI
Dale Johnson Trucking, Inc. Conover,WI
Dan Roger Apartments, Eagle River WI
Dave's Auto Repair, Eagle River, WI
       Dave & Kim Mayo 
Deans Distribution, Minocqua WI
Don Scharf Trust, Eagle River WI
Eagle River City
Eagle River Sports Center, Eagle River WI
Eagle River Taxi, Eagle River WI
Eagle Waters, Eagle River WI
Eddy B's  White Spruce, Eagle River WI
El Mex, Minocqua WI  
Friendship House, Eagle River, WI
Golden Harvest, Rhinelander WI
Good Shepherds Church, Marshfield, WI
Horants Garden Center, Eagle River, WI
House of Dogs, Eagle River WI
Jakes Restaurant, Three Lakes WI
Kathan Inn, Eagle River WI
KC Consignment, Eagle River WI
Klessig Tree Service, Eagle River WI
Klondike Days, Trigs, Eagle River, WI
Landmark Creations, Inflatable Balloons,  MN
Lanny's Fireside, Conover WI
Lions Club of Lake Tomahawk
Log Cabin, Conover WI
Lumpy's Restaurant, Eagle River WI
Mayo Clinic: Rochester MN
      Dr. Moore
      Dr. Munson     
      Dr. Powell
      Dr. Rieck
My Wife's Addiction, Eagle River, WI
Mocha Moose, Eagle River WI
Our Savior Lutheran Church, Martha Society, Eagle River WI
Paint Bucket, Eagle River WI
Pepsi, Eagle River, WI
Pic n Save, Eagle River WI
Pioneer Lake Lutheran Church, Conover, WI
Pomps, Rhinelander WI
Potrykus Family Dentistry, Eagle River, WI
      Dr. Neil Potrykus
      Dr. Jason Potrykus
Presbyterian Women Auxilary, Michigan

Representative Dan Meyer, Eagle River, WI
Road House Restaurant, Eagle River WI
Roth Family Chiropractic, Rhinelander, WI
     Earl Roth Chiropractor
Dr. Darrell Schmidt, DDS, SC, Rhinelander, WI
Salvation Army, Eagle River, WI
Sayner Pub, Sayner WI
Shriners of Minnesota
Shriners of Wisconsin    
            Tripoli Shrine
Soda Pops, Eagle River, WI
Spangs Restaurant, St. Germain WI
Sunburst Tanning, Eagle River WI
Sweetwater Bar/Restaurant, Eagle River WI
Synergy, Eagle River WI
Taco Johns, Eagle River, WI
TJ Grizzles, Land O Lakes, WI
The Boat House, Conover, WI
Thrifty Vintage, Rhinelander WI
Twin Lakes Bible Church, Phelps, WI
University of Minnesota
       Director: Karlind Moller, Ph.D.
Vilas Co. Tavern League, Eagle River WI
WERL/WRJO Radio, Eagle River, WI
WGNV-88.5 FM The Family Help for Homeless,
Wiegs Manufactoring LLC, Deerbrook WI
Wild Eagle, Eagle River WI
WJFW TV 12 Rhinelander, WI

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