Bon Lam

Bon's  family is from Cambodia.  His family's land was seized during the  Vietnam War,  they are from Bien Phuoc.  Bon is the youngest living child in his family.
Bon was born with Lymphovenous Malformation on his left side of his face.  His life was extraordinarily hard because of his facial deformity. His mother would not breast feed him and his father tried to kill him,
but God had different plans for Bon.

After Bon's father died,  Chi Hoang (Monk) took this eight year old child to the Monks in Saigon for help.  The Monks  arranged for surgery to remove the mass from Bon's face.  After his surgery Bon went to a Catholic Orphanage.  (we call, Sister Paula's) Sister Paula was the Superior Nun who was in charge of the orphanage while Bon lived there.  After much suffering in his face, Sister Paula arranged for the hospital to perform surgery to help alleviate the pain...
they cut the nerve endings.

Here in America, Bon has had many surgeries from Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN. We give much thanks for the surgery and hospital stay that Mayo Clinic donated.

Due to the grave health issues regarding his mother, Bon had gone back to Vietnam to help care for her needs. 

After the death of his mother, Bon has now returned to America to continue with his medical treatments. (2012) Dr. Schmidt from Rhinelander, WI is providing treatment for Bon's with his teeth and jaw problems.

Father Chi  (Catholic Priest)
with some of his orphans
Sister Paula with Bon
Medical Mission

Bon has had many surgery's with Mayo Clinic in May  2015. 

Dr. Schmidt from Rhinelander, WI has provided treatment for Bon's teeth and jaw problems.

Dr. Schmidt's cost was over $7,000.00.

Bon had lived with Debbie & Dale Johnson in Conover, WI while he is undergoing medical treatment, surgeries and jaw/teeth alignment. 

Currently Bon; Bon is living in the United States.  Bon is no longer associated with Sunshine For Humanity, Inc. and has moved on to another source for his care.